CATHY PEARCE - Studio 36

"I paint Roundway Hill and the surrounding fields below. The only way to describe my connection with this landscape is to show you my work. I walk here often, sketching, note taking, listening and photographing each mini adventure into the ever-changing yet, comfortingly familiar countryside. I start my walks wondering what will impress me most and soon a theme develops. Grassy, muddy puddles reveal intricate shadow patterns as the sun illuminates the overhanging fronds. Mesmerising are the rows and rows of hedge line silhouettes eventually fading into each other and then into the sky. Today as I write this, the first flush of dandelion clocks fill the fields and will soon disappear as the lush grass engulfs them. Detail or distance my walks have become my journal of ideas from which I paint and indeed my paintings are a unique record, a visual document of the local landscape, that day, that time, at that place."
Poppins, 73 Netherstreet, Bromham, SN15 2DW, Wiltshire,
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