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Specialism: Jewellery

2 Mill Close, , SN8 3PJ

Light and colour infuse my work at a small scale (iridescent titanium jewellery), medium scale (indoor LED light sculptures) and large scale (perspex garden sculptures). This year I'm showing new multi-colour titanium jewellery developed for an internatio ...

Julie Couch
Windy Rabbit Mews, 31 Northgate Gardens, , SN10 1JY

I am primarily a glass artist, but also incorporate some additional skills in my mixed media pieces. These include metal work, pyrography and painting. My glass work is all created in an open flame and is a mixture of solid and blown hollow work. All colo ...

Meryl Ainslie
Rabley Drawing Centre, Rabley Barn, , SN8 2LW

In silver-work sitting between sculpture and adornment, Meryl Ainslie explores ideas through small endeavours. ‘I rise, I rise’ is a gathering of flower pieces that become counterbalances to teetering towers of soft formed building blocks. The title of th ...

14 Falklands Road, , SN4 0TH

A visit to Rhianon's open studio is sure to delight! With new work for MOS23, her original, colourful art fills her home and studio. Nature inspired, Rhianon celebrates colour in her joyful artwork using mixed media and acrylics. Richly layered abstrac ...

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