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Associate artists are those not on the trail but open by appointment only, throughout the year.

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Pink House, Southcott Road, , SN9 5JG

I’m a printmaker and designer, making works on textiles and paper. I hand print all original textiles and artworks in small editions in my studio in Pewsey. Recent works have been inspired by repetition and geometric pattern. Textiles are applied to home ...

1 Woodborough Rd, , SN9 5NH

Anna Simmons paints in oil. Her main interest lies in creating a sense of space and light in an architectural background. Inclusion of figures is important, adding a further dimension - a kind of bridge between worlds. She also paints landscapes in wat ...

1, Woodborough Road, , SN9 5NH

Beena is a self taught artist, who literally pours herself onto the canvas to create abstract pictures using acrylic or epoxy resin. She’s never happier than having projects on the go and finds herself obsessed about her work and looking at ways to use ...

Beetle Spicer
Marlbough, , Sn8 2nh

Wearable head pieces for all occasions. I love exploring colour, texture and structure, using traditional methods and techniques.

Church Cottage, , SN10 5YA

I am inspired by the playful effect of sunlight, how it creates dramatic contrasts of light and dark, enhanced colours and an uplifting atmosphere in nature and the landscape. My paintings often depict tracks and roads evoking a sense of optimism and my ...

2 Mill Close, Great Bedwyn, , SN8 3PJ

I create colourful sculpture and jewellery using iridescent shades of anodised titanium and niobium and moving, coloured LEDs. Whether worn on the body or displayed at home, these objects sparkle and catch the eye. I continue to develop a new range of ind ...

New Mill, , SN9 5LD

Abstract oil painting and mixed media with an experimental approach. Sculpture and Life drawing.


Lesley continues to explore images conjured up by various words and phrases... and narrative inspired paintings which incorporate figures, plants and objects. Her Toyshelf pictures give her opportunities to create still lives which have proved to be popul ...

Chalkhill Cottage, 30 The Street, , SN10 3PA

Letter-cut sculptural carvings for home, garden and memorials both in wood and in stone. Each piece is designed by hand and cut with a chisel and mallet in the old traditional British craft way. In addition, Lisi has an keen interest in abstract writin ...

Pye Cottage, Chittoe, , SN15 2EL

My work includes landscapes and seascapes in oils and pastels. Through my paintings I explore the underlying structure of the land, the power of the sea and the transient qualities of both in relation to light and the elements to discover the mystery of ...

Mike Hellier
West Leaze, Ogbourne Rd., , SN82LD

Living high on the Wiltshire Downs provides an ideal environment for watercolour landscape painting. I have explored other media but always return to watercolour. I love the beautiful unpredictable interplay of pigment with water. I paint mainly landscap ...

Wayside Farm, , SN10 3JT

My ink drawings are of various sizes, the largest being 115 x 85cm, the smallest 29 x 42cm. The Wiltshire landscape and Savernake trees are my main focus. I'm not exhibiting this year, but my studio is open by appointment throughout the year. The Studio ...

Kimberley Cottage, Burdett Street,, , SN8 2QX

I am a designer maker working in wood. I am fascinated by the extraordinary variety of woods in the world, and the stories they have to tell. I now specialise in making carefully crafted bespoke wooden boxes to house treasured items.

9 Spaines, Great Bedwyn,, , SN8 3LT

I was a professional illustrator for many years. I have transferred my skills to traditional kiln fired painting on stained glass and fused glass. Having specialised in Natural History as an illustrator it features a lot in my current work. I also have p ...

45 Wilcot Green, , SN9 5NS

Rosemary will not be taking part in open studios this year, but you would be welcome to visit her studio by appointment.

Pavilion Studios, , SN10 3NR

My ceramic work is varied, but primarily designed to hang on your wall. I love sculpting fish and create abstract work using a variety of clays, glazes and coloured glass, which is fused into my work.

2 Mill Close, , SN3 3PJ

Inspired by Alexander Calder, I have been making kinetic objects to encourage people to look around them. I enjoy playing with ambiguity, light and colour to create pieces with balance and movement. I am also intrigued by faces. Finding a centre of grav ...


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