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The Preview Show will be April 21-28

The Preview show is your chance to see all the open studio artist's work curated into one place. We have built up this little contemporary art show over the past few years and now it is considered a treasure trove of affordable and very beautiful work. To find out more about the show in Marlborough, please click here.

Open Studios will be July 1-2 / 8-9 / 15-16 / 22-23

Open Studios is an annual opportunity to meet amateur and professional artists in the beautiful North Wessex Chalk Downs (AONB) and visit their studios, workshops or pop-up galleries over the first four weekends in July. For alternative free days out pop along on one of the open days in July. To find out more about the artists who are show please click here


Questions or Comments

Contact us at: enquiries@marlboroughopenstudios.co.uk



Simply Wonderful & Beautiful

David Dudley Jewellers have always supported the MOS scheme but now they have cemented a stronger bond by kindly sponsoring our year ahead.

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See the artists on the 2017 trail

This year 20% of the artists are brand new.
Click here to see the artists directory.

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Enjoy a break in our fine countryside.

Our ancient landscape and countryside is less than two hours from London. We have created a new page to help visitors from further afield. See our 'Visit & Stay' page here.

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MOS: The Illustrated Back Story

Open Studios is an annual super human effort.  How did 'Marlborough Open Studios' begin? Why the 'Marlborough' in Open Studios? The Back Story to our first 20 years is illustrated by Mark Somerville's evocative portraits of many of our founders in 1985 is here.

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    3 days left only...😀

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